Claude aka DJ CoKo

Music has always been present in my life.

I grew up listening to different styles of music but largely under the influence of electronic music and hip hop.

From 50s hits to current vibes, when I’m behind the turntables, I can take you there.

Whether I’m spinning hip hop, electronic, pop, rock, or reggaeton, there’s nothing more important than the energy on the dance floor.

Let yourself be carried away by the sounds of 🎧DJ CoKo🎧



Alex aka DJ O-SPIN

Everyone moves to a different beat, therefore, I am constantly trying to find the perfect rhythm, groove and melody for every social event.

My goal is to create a comfortable environment where you can’t help but tap your foot and move your hips.

I live for a good cocktail hour that transforms into an unforgettable night. 

Sometimes that means warming up with some R&B, disco, pop, funk, or house; but whatever the night requires, I will have the perfect beat to mesh it all together.

For that smooth vibe, think of 🎧DJ O-SPIN🎧

Jenny aka DJ XPLICIT

“Music is noise that thinks” – Victor Hugo


In all humbleness, let me guide you through my musical universe.

Whether I’m spinning warm Afro sounds, Caribbean serenades, reggaeton or more urban beats like pop, house, or hip hop, I strive to translate the noise into a clear and defined thought for you.

The goal is to bring you to numerous highs throughout the night where you will lose yourself to dance.

Let DJ Xplicit’s musical thoughts invade your soul.

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